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Sunday, November 02, 2003
All too typical of what the left is becoming
It is always gratifying when a politician gets a taste of the disastrous consequences of his actions.

Hence my pleasure on reading that Mr Paul Wolfowitz, America's Deputy Defence Secretary and number two to the famous prose poet, Donald Rumsfeld, had narrowly escaped death on his recent visit to Iraq when a rocket was fired at his hotel.

The words of the despicable Richard Ingrams today. Barely a week goes by without this weird old bigot castigating Israel or demanding that British Jews be forced to identify their ethnicity before their opinions on the Middle East be given a hearing. Now he is even willing to side with terrorist cronies of Saddam and/or Bin Laden against those within democratic societies who disagree with his politics.

Ingrams is a man who disgracefully denounced our security forces' undercover elimination of IRA terrorists and politicians, but who is quite willing to countenance Islamofascist rocket attacks on the ministers of democratic governments. Though these positions clearly show a man whose moral compass points 180 degrees the wrong way, his views are not necessary inconsistent: the common thread of both positions is a preference for the means and men of terror as opposed to the forces of law and democracy.

Sometimes conservative bloggers are accused of delighting in finding the wackiest lefties and picking on easy targets such as the moonbats on the Democrat Underground or Guardian forums. But Ingrams' column today - published in The Observer no less - shows just how deeply imbedded in the 'respectable' left's thinking is this sort of deranged hate for Bush's America; a hate that permits them to cast aside the most basic human feeling and excuses their allying themselves with some of the world's most evil mass-murderers. The moral equivalence and fanaticism of leftist anti-Americanism is a cancer that may already have spread too far to be removable. For now, the left is led by a Prime Minister obviously close to Washington and obviously unwilling to indulge in such moral equivalence. But when he falls, we may see a resurgence of this suicidal anti-Western spirit in the Labour Party that would rival the influence CND had in the 1980s. Time will tell.

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