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Friday, November 28, 2003
Celebrity Guest Post #1

Benjamin Zephaniah comments on Government proposals for student top-up fees announced in the Queen's Speech

Way I wuz taught mah 'istory,
Jour family wuz our oppressahs.
With your talk'a top-up feez, your majuhstey,
Seemz lil' 'as changed.

Your family empire smashed all a Africa's universities,
And now ya cease access to da black kids of da inna cities,
Shame on ya for doing it, maam,
You gotta think a who benefities.

Mistah Blairrrr yur gonna pay,
I will get evun wid ja one day.
Any time, any place,
I'll smash in yur prettay face.

You wanna privatise Woolwoofs and B&Q,
But then where will we be in da job queue?
At da back, same as evah,
Fairness for anti-colonial troops like me? Nevah.

I'll tell ya what to do wid yur top-up feez.
Same as wid yur fuckin OBEz!
Shov 'em up yur dumb, imperialist, warmongerin' arse!
And if ya can stop lickin' Bush's it would end this farce.


UPDATE: DumbJon responds:

Benjey got filthy rich from his verse
Which is all just a little perverse
You might say it's obscene
What he said to the Queen
But the poetry is far, far worse.

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