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Thursday, November 20, 2003

"At every opportunity opponents of Bush are labelled, explicitly or implicitly, as unthinking bigots. What is striking is just how erroneous a claim it is to caricature opponents of the Bush way in this manner." - Peter Kilfoyle

Thanks to Harry and Samizdata.

UPDATE: Reporter David Frum, who attended the march, details just how low these cretins sunk:

The organizers of the protest installed a mobile jumbotron at the front of the square. On it, images of the speakers were interspersed with herky-jerky art-school style film clips. Just before the toppling of the effigy - and in order to work up the crowd into a more frenzied mood of rage and hate - the jumbotron broadcast images of George Bush, stepping out of his limousine into Buckingham Palace and standing at attention at the welcome ceremony. Now here's the interesting thing: Whenever Bush appeared, there appeared superimposed upon him crosshairs - like those of a sniper's rifle. I wonder what the organizers meant by that?


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