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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Not one for the memoirs, Tony

Speaking of our Prime Minister, his much trumpeted appearance on The Simpsons seems to be rather less than it was cracked up to be if today's Guardian report on the episode is anything to go by.

What starts with Smithers finally persuading Mr Burns to withdraw his own money from an ATM machine rather than borrow it from him soon draws in Grandpa's D-Day love affair with Edwina (played by Jane Leeves from Frasier), JK Rowling and Sir Ian McKellen, both playing themselves. As does Mr Blair.

"Why are you greeting low lifes like us?" asks Bart. "Because I want to encourage Americans to come and see 21st century Britain," replies George Bush's mate. "I can't believe we've just met Mr Bean," says Homer as the PM jetpacks off to greet a Dutch couple at Gate 23.

And that's it.

They gave Brett 'Hitman' Hart a better cameo than that. There must be a lesson in all this somewhere about the limits of how far even being probably the second-most powerful man on the planet can take you.

UPDATE: It seems (see comments) that the scene is actually considerably longer and funnier than the Guardian claims.

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