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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
All of the West has a common enemy in radical Islam

Those opposed to the war on terror are able to make their case sound stronger than it is by appealing to the patriotism and even the common sense of the uncommitted listener. They can do this by suggesting that even if Al-Qaeda is a threat, the threat is posed only to the United States, not her allies. Even if Hamas is a deadly foe, it's a foe Israel alone has to worry about. "It's not our fight."

For that reason, I think it is important to stress recent revelations that an Al-Qaeda plot to 'nuke' London was foiled in 2001, and that Hamas planned to launch suicide attacks in New York. The Islamofascist menace that has imposed itself on Australia, on the United States, on Israel, on Turkey, and in various forms on Britain, may go by different names. But they perceive us all as a common enemy. Homocide bombers who attack Israeli children hate the US, Islamoloons who smashed New York and Bali wanted to make London a target. The threat is not restricted to any one nation or any one foreign policy - it is to all free Western societies. Each nation is a potential target whether or not they work together to defeat their common foe. A refusal to co-operate really is nothing more than, in Churchill's words, feeding a crocodile in the hope that it eats you last.

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