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Monday, December 29, 2003
Link of the Week

The link of last week, which I forgot to draw attention to when I made it so, was Voice of the Future, of which more later. The link of this week is to another up and coming Tory blogger, Free Democrat. I must admit I haven't linked much to this chap yet, but last week I did visit him and found so much good content that I felt a bit ashamed of not checking him out far more regularly. I am now remedying that mistake. If you are still making it, you should too.

I will also be making efforts to post here far more - and I mean it this time. In the days when I posted regularly, I felt satisfied I was getting my views off my chest. Now that I am not making time for that, my frustration at Cuthbertsonian values going unvoiced is manifesting itself in strange withdrawal symptoms. While I slept soundly and undisturbed by thoughts of weblogs in my regular-posting days, I have had three dreams featuring bloggers in the last few weeks, the most recent, on Sunday morning, involving me cleaning a mansion that turned out to be owned by Nick Barlow. I don't need Freud for this one; I just need to post more. So I shall.

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