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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Kilroy was wrong, but so are his employers

Stephen Pollard has compressed all the sensible things that have thus far been written about the Kilroy affair, alongside some good sense of his own, into two short columns. Be sure to read them both. When I first heard about Kilroy-Silk's comments, my immediate thought was of Tom Paulin, who was retained as a Newsnight panellist after advocating the shooting of Jewish settlers in the West Bank, so it is pleasing to see this direct parallel printed in the Standard to show just how differently the liberal elite has responded to the two. Paulin is far from being alone in his thinking, of course. One can scarcely know who Michael Moore or Susan Sontag are without knowing of their extraordinary attacks on white people. And as noted in Pollard's comments, the former is rarely off the BBC. At just the moment any substantive criticism of the Arab world or Islam is being redefined on the quiet as a criminal mental affliction called "Islamophobia", it seems that white people, Jews and Western civilisation are not so much fair game as compulsory targets for those who seek to join our chattering classes.

UPDATE: Mark Steyn gets his oar in: "I don't know about you, but this 'multicultural Britain' business is beginning to feel like an interim phase." No kidding. There's very little multi- about the number of cultures permitted respect or even free speech in New Britain. Thanks to Jackie D for the link.

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