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Thursday, January 08, 2004
Law and order under Labour

Lax enforcement of asylum and immigration laws:

The family of a nine-year-old boy run over by an illegal immigrant who was driving without insurance spoke of their anger and sorrow today.

Lynn Oakford described her son, Callum, known as CJ, as "the most fun loving boy" she knew.

... CJ was on his way to build a camp with his brother Sam, 12 and other friends, when he was hit by a Renault 5 car being driven by Kamel Kadri, 38.

Callum's body was hurled into the air by the car and he died later from his injuries.

Kadri drove away from the scene of the crash on the A259 Littlehampton Road at Ferring, near Worthing, on Thursday without stopping.

Lax enforcement of anti-stabbing laws:

A company boss has said there is no justice in Scotland after appeal judges failed to jail the man who stabbed him three times at a motorway services.

Appeal court judges in Edinburgh upheld the original sentence on John Gilmour of community service after prosecutors had said it was too lenient.

... Robin Craddock, the owner of Cheltenham-based Novellini, was in hospital for six days after the attack in May 2002.

He was stabbed three times, with each blow aimed at a vital organ.

All the wounds were described as potentially lethal.

But don't worry: if you defend your family against an intruder or make an un-PC comment, the law will be right round. Our liberal elite understands when leniency has to end and cruel and unusual punishment must begin.

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