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Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Lib Dem extremism watch

Reporteth the Guardian:

Charles Kennedy is facing calls from rank-and-file Liberal Democrats to reverse his decision on Friday to sack Jenny Tonge from the party's front bench, after she said that she might be a suicide bomber if she lived in Palestine. Yesterday the outgoing Liberal Democrat deputy chairman, Donnachadh McCarthy, said that he was mounting a petition for her reinstatement. Although not well known outside the Liberal Democrats, Mr McCarthy carries influence with party activists.

He said yesterday: "The sacking of Jenny Tonge has been greeted with dismay across wide sections of the party. Jenny made a brave attempt to try to bring attention to the fact that if the appalling suicide bombings are to stop, then we need to understand and address the desperation and political alienation that leads to such awful acts of violence.

"The party should take no lessons in condemning violence against innocent civilians from the Tory party, which have been such enthusiastic cheerleaders for the war in Iraq in which tens of thousands of innocent people were maimed and killed."
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