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Sunday, January 25, 2004
Link of the Week

Once again I have left the Link of the Week for a fortnight, but I can at least remedy that now. The link of this week is to Electric Review, which recently returned after months of down-time. An excellent and contemplative site which the press describes as having cult status among the up and coming generation of Conservatives, I very much missed it over the last few months, and very much look forward to it returning to putting up a number of articles each week. If you want a flavour of what to expect when that occurs, I particularly recommend from their archives Kit Kildare on the logic of the Ulster peace process, James Steerforth's Roy Jenkins Obituary, Christopher Montgomery on the Tory Modernising Tendency or even Peter Cuthbertson on setting off a rightwards ratchet-effect, a piece I plan to follow up on soon.

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