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Monday, February 09, 2004
The choice before you

This post will remain at the top of the page until election day. Scroll down for new posts.

Unlike many equally deserving blogs, Conservative Commentary has been short-listed for the Guardian's Political Weblog Awards. Everyone is entitled to a vote by email on which of the twelve is the best. I want to ask here that anyone who enjoys reading this blog consider giving it their support.

Cast your minds back to January 1st and the Radio 4 poll on which popular law should be pushed through parliament. A whole host of nannying, leftist laws were suggested, and everyone expected that the charmingly civilised Today programme listeners would vote for such a bill. Instead, to chattering class horror, what they supported was a bill giving a right to defend one's home against intruders using lethal force, if necessary. The angry reaction - "bastards!" - was in itself worth that vote. And now, on a smaller scale, there seems to be an opportunity for just the same.

Alongside eleven blogs that uphold to varying degrees the chattering class consensus on every issue from Bush to crime, from Israel to the NHS, Conservative Commentary stands alone in fighting for less government and more common sense, against political correctness and in support of gut-driven but intellectually-supported conservatism. There's only one way you can give a bloody nose to those who savaged Kilroy but defended Paulin, who want to open the prison gates for burglars but shut down free speech for Christians and social conservatives, who think the Queen symbolises all that is wrong with Britain but who wish Cherie Blair had more influence, who are Eurofederalist but sceptical of free international markets. Expect every Guardianista, Blairite, statist and Chomskyite aware of the election to vote for one of those eleven. Whether their favourites can be pipped to the post by something altogether different is down to you. Ballots must be sent by Monday, 9th February. Vote wisely.

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