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Friday, February 06, 2004
Don't mess with Texas

Some little stories just warm the heart. For daring to fight crime without either hand tied behind their backs, Texans are regularly stereotyped inside and outside the US as bloodthirsty. But when the opportunity arose not a single member of an Austin community accepted the blood money offered them by Planned Parenthood.

Weeks into the project, the contractor hired to build an abortion clinic hit a brick wall: Plumbers and carpenters would not work for him. Drywall installers and heating subcontractors would not do business with him. Cement suppliers for miles around would not touch the job.

He had been hit with a boycott organized by abortion foe and construction-industry executive Chris Danze.

The builder finally quit the job this month, stopping the clinic project in its tracks, in what national Planned Parenthood officials said was the first such boycott they have ever seen.

Let it not be the last.

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