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Sunday, February 08, 2004
Link of the Week

With the possible exception of racist violence against white people, if any unpleasantness gets less press coverage than is proportionate, it is the Liberal Democrat Party's oddities and extremism. Necessity being the mother of invention, Cometh the hour, cometh the blog etc. etc. the very fine Lib Dem Watch is now here. Exploring every nook and cranny of the party, it's an excellent guide for those who want to keep track of their amusing eccentricities as well as their occasional pro-suicide-murderer, pro-black supremacist depths. Best of luck to all those involved. This could be an important step in keeping the public informed about Charlie's unsettling army.

"In politics, being ridiculous is more damaging than being extreme" the subtitle to the blog explains. Leave it to the Liberal Democrats to be both.

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