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Thursday, February 12, 2004
A quick round-up

Rather than waffle or quote at length from pieces to which I have little to add, I will simply link to few pieces well worth a look.

First is Niccolo Machiavelli's advice to President Bush for the November election. The Italian thinker being long dead, John O'Sullivan was a helpful conduit. The four key suggestions make so much sense electorally, let alone ideologically, that it is difficult to think of any reason to reject them.

Also be sure to examine last month's piece from AIDS Galileo Michael Fumento, a response to one semi-literate critic who comes close to suggesting that making actual statistics on AIDS and HIV cases public poses a risk to people's health. The various health organisations' own most recent data, Fumento contends, works as strongly as ever in favour of his claims that the risk posed by the disease to women and heterosexual males who avoid intravenous drug-abuse is comparatively tiny.

Finally, could it be that the EU props up Yasser Arafat's tyranny not out of moral obtuseness but a conscious effort to keep the Palestinian terror campaign going as long as possible? Left-of-centre German MEP Ilke Schroder believes this is the case. By ensuring the conflict with Israel continues, she claims the EU is seeking to win a role on the world stage as a counterbalance to American power. Melanie Phillips reports on these claims, while Harry's Place brings news that, coincidentally or not, the EU's anti-fraud office has just confirmed the authenticity of documents seized by Israeli soldiers proving that the Palestinians are diverting European Union funds - ie. your tax money - to terrorism.

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