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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Runner up for the Guardian Award

The results of the Guardian's poll on the best British political blog from a shortlist of twelve were announced today.

The winner and runners up were:

The Gay Vote121 votes
Conservative Commentary89 votes
Lynne Featherstone77 votes
Stuart Bruce62 votes

When I heard that the turnout was in the hundreds, I wrote off my chances of doing well, so I was very surprised to get such a high number. My thanks to all those who voted for me, or considered doing so, and to Guardian Backbencher Ros Taylor for organising the poll. I was especially pleased to see some people on the left voting for the blog because they enjoyed reading its content even while disagreeing with most of its posts. For a one-man operation run by a Tory student in his spare time to come within just 32 votes in a Guardian poll of a blog which had behind it the keen campaigning of top homosexual site was very pleasing.

My thanks again, and don't stop reading!

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