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Tuesday, February 10, 2004
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I normally try to reward those who link to me with a referring link at the top of my left sidebar. But as everyone and his dog seems to have chosen the last day or so to link to me, I've become rather overwhelmed. Instead, I'll just give them all (I think!) a quick plug here. There is some great content at these blogs, so do check them out.

Anthony Wells gives the occasional quick link to various bits of news, and now and then produces a really sterling argument on an issue of concern. He stands out most, however, for his regular opinion poll analyses, which really cut to the chase and give those without statistical training a good understanding of what the figures and trends suggest about the sands of public opinion.

Drake's Drum examines the British and American political scene well, providing much informed and original commentary of his own along with the stories he links to.

Harry's Place probably needs no introduction. A very comprehensive coverage of issues from a generic leftist perspective, with a dash of socialism and extreme political correctness thrown in for good measure.

Jackie D uses good political instincts to root out some of the dafter and less savoury elements in politics.

James Mills seems to be Britain's first and only blogging Conservative politician. A West Oxfordshire Councillor, his blog is very centred on local affairs - but if you live nearby, that is all the more reason to read it.

Leftie John Durkin calls me a national treasure. Too kind. His own refreshingly cynical perspective on leftist politics would perhaps merit a similar commendation, if only he posted more.

Matthew Turner is always wrong about everything, but certainly witty in the way he goes about it.

Plastic Gangster talks a lot of good Tory sense on a whole range of issues, and his military knowledge in particular really adds something to the blogosphere.

Southern Cross is mainly focused on the interesting case of South Africa, but diverges from that focus now and then to comment on other issues of note.

Labour's Tom Watson was the first blogging MP, and is the only one I visit regularly. A good mix of posts is up there, and the blog also serves as a new and accessible way of getting an idea of what life as a British parliamentarian is like if you don't feel up to trundling through another set of self-serving political memoirs.

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