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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Was it a decision to "out" Dr Kelly - or to KILL him?

Let's see what the Guardian forumers have to say.

Rokossovsky: Hutton whitewashed "suicide," but we know: Blair was at the Kelly meetings and minutes were not taken; "Operation Mason" (including shredding Kelly-related documents) started when Kelly left home and ended around his death; the Blair regime had already tried to intimidate "rogue elements" in British intelligence; and many pro-Blair groups have the expertise to murder a Kelly.

"PM" = Political Murderer?

Judging by GUARDIAN publishing *2* letters about this, it looks to me like *it* believes murder was/is a serious possibility. (What courage! Like the WASHINGTON POST taking on Nixon ... although Nixon didn't have anyone *murdered* ... as far as I know.)

... Under my "The Kelly Inquiry: Sham or the Start of an Ethical Cleansing ... of the West?" we have had a posting about the similarity of these early reports about the Kelly scene to the death of U.S. Marine Colonel Sabow, at the El Toro Marine air base ... alleged to be an incoming terminal for a government-sanctioned drug route at that time.

... As far as private contractors, the Russian (Jewish) Mafiya has done "deniable" work for the Mossad, and the Albanian mafiya are Blair's good friends after he/we created a "protected" haven for their even more booming drug and prostitution trade in Kosovo. (There is even supposed to be a *statue* of him in Pristina.)

... There seems to be enough circumstantial evidence already, for a criminal investigation of Blair and his regime for Kelly's death.
Dragonslayer: The official account of Dr David Kelly's death is so full of holes any amateur detective could spot the gaping discrepancies. Not to mention "Operation Mason" and all the conflicting evidence and statements.

Dr Kelly's death was certainly a cover-up, but the question is what specifically did it cover-up.
Liam: whether or not the government orderd the killing of Dr David Kelly I'm just hoping that thier isn't another inquiry
Rokossovsky: you have an "authorised" political death squad running around Britain. This is like El Salvador! It is sad the SAS ... and Britain ... has come to this.
Sydneysider: There never was a reason to believe that Kelly committed suicide. What's in question is who gave the order to have him murdered and what was the real reason for the order. I am 90% sure the order can only have come from Blair.

... Anyway, whatever's going on, it seems like Blair is hooked into the same Bush crime family black op that led to September 11. This man is definitely not what he seems. He is a Trojan horse for something.
adimaaya: I think it's a disgrace that the powers are literally getting away with murder.
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