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Friday, March 05, 2004
Bush or Kerry?

With the far more credible and interesting John Edwards defeated this week in the race to challenge Bush by Ted Kennedy's Massachussetts sidekick John Kerry, we now know the choice facing Americans in November: Bush or Kerry.

Bush or Kerry?



It's a tough one this time. More at Free Republic.

UPDATE: The excellent Airstrip One, which doesn't receive nearly as much attention as it ought, focuses on Kerry's stance on Ulster: a rejection of Unionist demands that Sinn Fein/IRA uphold their end of the Good Friday Agreement if they want to sit in government. Philip Chaston thus concludes that "it would be in Britain's interests if Kerry remained where he belongs, unelected". I would go further and say that this stance might also give American voters further reasons to doubt Kerry's suitability. Can a man with such a selective distaste for terrorists really be the right one to fight a war on terror? As Mark Steyn has noted, waging war is about argument and rhetoric, not just bombing. Kerry may inherit the military end of this battle automatically, but he'll need to summon the moral side for himself. Is he capable of doing so?

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