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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Bloggers illustrate a timeless difference

Natalie Solent has joined the latest Google-bombing campaign. Apparently an anti-Semitic site is currently the first to appear when anyone Googles the word 'Jew', so many bloggers are linking to the word with a more neutral page in its place. What is interesting is that this campaign has been going on some time, and Natalie is the first person I have seen to do her bit who is not firmly of the left. No doubt my decidedly provincial choice of political blogs has given me a somewhat skewered picture, but I do believe this is just the sort of thing for which the left seems to have a greater affinity, a point just reflected in the dominance they have had over the campaign so far. They really are better at wearing the ribbons and badges, chanting the slogans and marching on the demonstrations.

Of course, the reasons for this are themselves as open to political controversy as anything else. If you're of the left, it's obviously because lefties really are more concerned for their fellow man: more selfless, more generous, more thoughtful and more willing to do their bit for a good cause and help out however they can. If you're right-leaning, it's because the left has always excelled at futile gestures and misplaced generalised concern, ever-willing to sign petitions about the Middle East and boycott African foods even as nearby communities collapse, submerged in the crime to which these same liberals are at best indifferent.

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