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Monday, April 26, 2004
Darwinism and Mickey Mouse

It's exam time again (indeed, my tenth consecutive year of May/June exams), so I am afraid I won't until the end of May have the time I normally do for blogging. I'll try nonetheless to meet a quota of one post per weekday.

Today, I'll just link to a very enjoyable piece by Steve Sailer, a Darwinian analysis of the effects sex differences have on childrens' cartoons. It appears the theory of evolution may even provide answers to such questions as why you so often see "abrupt segues from alarmingly belligerent programs about colossal robots battling for galactic mastery to unspeakably adorable commercials for toys like Polly Pocket's Fairy Wishing World" and why female characters are so secondary in ordinary Disney cartoons but so central to Disney feature films.

I've known a lot of people so thoughtless and closed-minded in their political correctness that they believe it's enough to say that a claim is a stereotype or is sexist to disprove it, irrespective of the facts of the case. One of the many things that make Steve Sailer such a good writer is his choice not to pay even lip service to such dogma, and simply to spell out the truth as he sees it. You can hear the liberal squeals from miles away.

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