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Friday, April 16, 2004
OBL offers truce, totally outclassing GWB?

Let's see what the Guardian forumers have to say.

theArchitect: The authenticity of OBLs message is besides the point. The very idea that his offer of truce to Europe can at least give pause for thought is enough damage against Bush. No doubt it will be played down, but nevertheless i`m sure he had a better touch at the hearts & minds of most. If the world can deal with Bush then the world can deal with OBL, his friendship has more value and we needed him on our side more than we need Bush.

... Only a fool would reject an offer of truce right now, if only to achieve some much needed breathing space. Besides OBL has outsmarted Bush on every count and outclassed the achievment og political goals. I'll be the first to admit that any blow against Bush makes me happy, but the possibilty or at least the thought that Europe can show they can think for themselves is a much needed argument. Maybe we do actually need clear division between US and Europe. Who cares where the offer comes from?
artist: Whats wrong with making a truce with Laden. Havent the west done the same with Ghadfi?
mandrake: A truce. I'm up for it. Why should it be dismissed? As artist says were dealing with Ghadafi. We made deals with the IRA etc etc. Whats so different. And considering the Al Qaida tactics, its a battle that any state or superpower cannot win.
Dragonslayer: Who is OBL? To what extent can we believe Anything that comes out of the US regarding him.
blackrod: In principle I don't see anything wrong with talking to Bin Laden. A while ago I wouldn't have thought this. He used to be a wealthy renegade who should have been starved of the oxygen of publicity.

But unfortunately GWB decided to declare war on him and this has set in train a number of events that have spiralled out of control. Unfortunately I don't think Bin Laden has that much influence any more.
theArchitect: my deep in hell hatred for GWB makes it easy for me to respect anyone who stands up to him, besides OBL is until further notice the best balance we have against GWB. The superpower against the superwill. The UN, Europe, Russia, China and so on are so involved in political niceties or making money that they cannot see Bushs goal of global dominance. But good ol Binny aint havin it!
ZL900: I'm sorry that you lost family in the WTC incident. I have no sympathy for the US, however, as a nation, over that event. I feel sympathy for the individuals killed and their surviving families.

Truly, it (the US) had it coming. It has bombed, shot and tortured millions, in the false name of freedom. Why should it not go unavenged?

... America is a lying, double-dealing, false, hypocritcal, greedy, thieving piece of crap.

It is hardly suprising that people are so desperate to attack it.
gch1974: Osama: those who do not meet our terms will be destroyed

Bush: those who do not meet our terms will be destroyed
Ravenmore: "OBL offers truce, totally outclassing GWB"

The title has got to be the coolest one in a long time. LOL.

... "weak kneed, appeasing scumbags" are those who call in fighter bombers against civilians and those who bomb mosques while people are praying in it.
pistonbroke: OBL is an American stooge and almost certainly a CIA agent. Bush is on the ropes and trying desperately to win over support for his continued failure in Iraq and at home. This latest scam by the CIA to implant a hatred for the USA in the minds of the electorate in isolation, the fortress America syndrome will probably work, it always has in the past.

You have to live in the USA to know their reaction to certain news stories, they are unbelievably naive and will swallow this hook,line and sinker.

Also on the Guardian forums, check out 'David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen are enough to make a good man anti-Semitic'.

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