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Monday, April 26, 2004
Quotes of the Day
"The constitution covers over 500 pages. At every turn where the constitution rules that power should be exercised at a different level, it is for that power to flow to Brussels.

Britain will lose, for example, its veto in more than 30 areas of policy. There is not a single proposed change in the constitution that returns one of the powers currently possessed by Brussels to member states." - Frank Field
"The draft EU constitution effectively gives power over every aspect of our lives to Brussels. From our criminal procedures to our prejudices and preferences, Brussels has laid down its marker. Where a particular power is now limited, there is a basket clause to amend or expand it in the future. Areas of influence have been mapped out as clearly as the patch of land around which any animal urinates to establish dominance.

Given that the EU's compliance and enforcement will be in the hands of an unaccountable civil service, this constitution is essentially a document in which bureaucrats constitutionally empower themselves to rule without limit. All we can hope is that they are nice bureaucrats. We can't exclude the statistical possibility that some of them will be decent intelligent people. If not, we're out of luck." - Barbara Amiel
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