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Thursday, May 20, 2004
Who really committed the SOHAM murders?

Let's see what the Guardian forumers have to say:

LordGrim: Were Holly and Jessica murdered by a US airforce member stationed at Lakenheath ?

... The whole story is very very fishy. I think something is amiss here...

Imagine the evidence did point to the US airbase, and you are just about to launch an unpopular war .... Would you trust Tony Blair, if , the evidence pointed to the US airbase, to allow the investigation OR cover it up ?

tiffanie: there are many aspects of the Soham case/trial which I find truly worrying, and I am not at all sure that justice has been done.

... The whole point is that there was not overwhelming evidence and in fact, if Huntley had not come forward to say he had seen the girls I am not sure what evidence the Crown would have had against him. For instance, there was no incriminating DNA evidence on either the clothes or in Huntley's house. Huntley may well be guilty but I would feel happier if he had been convicted on hard facts. I don't know if he is an evil killer or an innocent person, who was unfortunate enough to be the last known person to have encountered the two murder victims.

I wonder if any of those charming US soldiers who have appeared in the photos torturing Iraqi prisoners of war were ever stationed at Lakenheath.

Ramiie: I have never, and still dont't fully accept that Huntley did it. His account of the deaths was too fantastical to constitute a save-my-life defence.It sounded like something tripping out of the mouth of a drug addict, and there was no evidence that Huntley took hard drugs..aside from that pumped into him at Rampton. I think the case should be reopned.

UPDATE: It seems some discussions are too wacky even for the Guardian forums. The thread has now been deleted.

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