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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Bush or Kerry?

The great Greg Smith has a piece on the Conservative Way Forward site making the case for what should be obvious, but for some is not: that for British Conservatives, President George W. Bush is strongly preferable to a President John F. Kerry.

Among support for cuts in defence and intelligence services, Kerry's 20-year Senate record includes a massive 350 votes for higher taxes. President Bush, on the other hand, has presided over the largest tax cut since Ronald Reagan resided in the White House.

... The only substantive factor separating Kerry from Ted Kennedy is four months service in Vietnam - a time period now dwarfed by the combined time Kerry has spent talking about it on television and radio, in a belated attempt to model himself as a war hero.

... The choice is quite clear and stark. A man of the unions, with an inherent distrust of business and a high tax voting record - from the Party that gave the world Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Or President George W Bush, who stood firm in the face of global terror, resolutely took on the environmentalist lobby and delivered a truly conservative agenda on tax.
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