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Sunday, August 01, 2004
From man-hating feminists to pillowman-hating feminists?

I do think the new Boyfriend Arm Pillow, pictured below, is rather charming. Aimed at comforting lonely single women who want to be hugged to sleep, it comes with two removable shirts which can be washed and ironed "to enhance that loving housewife experience". It can even be set to give the user a gentle shake on a morning, in preference to an alarm clock.

Despite it costing around £43, The Mail on Sunday reports that the pillow, invented by the Japanese - who else? - has had women queuing up around the block to buy them. Kameo, the manufacturer, has since had to draw up a waiting list. It will soon be made available in the UK.

What has this to do with politics? Very little ... until one thinks of all those anti-family "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" merchants, who must greet every purchase of one of these ersatz husbands with a combination of fury and despair. Well done to Kameo for helping so many women deliver a sweet little snub to their pretensions, and a quiet refutation of their ideals.

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