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Thursday, August 05, 2004
"Guns don't make you safer ... which is why my bodyguards are armed to the teeth"

Dinesh D'Souza has noted that even those leading politicians who spend their time campaigning against gun ownership, claiming that it does not make people safer, usually move from one event to the next protected by armed bodyguards. Those bodyguards carry weapons precisely because it is safer to have the means of self-defence than not, and gun-grabbing politicians who employ them show that they themselves don't even believe their own arguments.

Entirely unsurprisingly, Michael Moore, director of the ridiculous Bowling For Columbine, is among their ranks. One could, at a stretch, defend Moore by saying that while he might think the average Joe puts himself at more risk by owning a gun, trained bodyguards who undoubtedly know how to use them make people safer. But that only demonstrates further the irrationality of Moore's crusade against the National Rifle Association, an organisation unsurpassed in the training it offers its members in how to use firearms safely and responsibly.

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