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Friday, August 27, 2004
Question And Answer Weekend 2

Okay, let's give it another try. Leave your questions in the comment box, please, and I shall answer some of them in new posts here over the weekend. They can be written from any political perspective, and they need not be strictly political - they can be philosophical, personal, historical ...

Feel free to ask more than one question, although try to write them so that I can answer any one individually, rather than giving a series that all need to be answered for any one question and answer to make sense.

To give you some ideas, here are some of the questions John Hawkins answered in his version of this recently:

"If you could pick up to four Presidents for "Mt. Rushmore 2" who would they be? (Obviously, not including the four on Mt. Rushmore.)"

"sound off on mcgreevy please"

"How far would the Republicans have to go in 2004-2008 should Bush win for you to support a minor party in the congressional and presidential elections in 2008?"

"Do you believe there is a danger Iran will invade Iraq if Kerry scales back US involvement in Iraq to minimal levels and actually succeeds in stocking the country with troops from our political opposers in the UN?"

"Would you say that a majority of Americans are reasonably intelligent people capable of discerning between the hype and truth in the political process?"

"Do you think that sites such as yours, and your counterparts on the left (This Modern World, etc.) do more to help or hurt America?"

Closed. Thank you for your questions.

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