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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Ideal government (No, this isn't about bringing back Maggie)

Jackie D emails about a new project to improve efficiency in our public services.

We have been working with a client on - it launches today. It's an online brainstorming experiment, using a blog, to help formulate ideas for how e-enabled public services can be better delivered. They are also still open to new contributors, so if any of your readers has something to say about e-government, they may want to look into joining the blog as an author.

I can see why there would be obvious advantages in terms of cost and expense in enabling people to use the internet for, say, a reasonable degree of self-diagnosis rather than visiting a doctor, or for going through the processes of locating, ordering, borrowing and returning library books, rather than requiring a librarian to do all of these things. If anything needs streamlining, it is the size of the current state, so let's hope this project finds a way to do this.

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