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Sunday, November 28, 2004
Pride in Labour Britain

Thanks to MattT for highlighting a hilarious sardonic comment submitted to the Labour Party's new Proud of Britain web site, explaining why this ordinary member of the public is so patriotic. Here it is in full, with links added by me:

P J Howard, Somerset

What makes me proud of Britain is: its great history and the selflessness of the millions who have died protecting this country from oppressors; its traditions that have served us so well for centuries and that are never abandoned on a whim; its tolerance of the views of everyones rights and the way our democracy protects those rights, never attempting to criminalise people to appease minority pressure groups; the incorruptibility of its politicians who would never sell its legislation under any circumstances; the way those politicians protect the rights of this country to govern itself, brooking no interference from others; the total honesty of our politicians especially when presenting statistics or giving reasons for declaring war against other nations; the way anyone found to be dishonourable in any way is removed from public office permanently, never to be rewarded later; the way our freedoms are protected at all cost.

I think this encapsulates just about every reason to vote them out. Don't expect it to stay up for long.

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