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Friday, December 03, 2004
Petrifying prescience

Eighteen months ago, I anonymously set up a blog at Although I didn't say so anywhere on the page, the SOL stood for Self-Obsessed Liberal. The intention was to have a little fun parodying the increasingly hilarious PC intolerance and stupidity I was seeing on the (for whatever reason, always left-liberal) navel-gazing British blogs when their posts would stray onto political issues. I also wanted to see how many liberals would link back to me once I linked to them from this new site. Would they recriprocate enthusiastically, or would this be a bit over the top and self-righteous even for them?

The blog is still up, but for reasons I no longer recall, I never got past four entries, and then gave up on the thing.

Why do I tell you all this now? Well, begin by reading my first post on SOLblog, which I swear I have not altered in the time since I wrote it, and then move on to this post from real life left-liberal blogger John Band.

UPDATE: Thanks to Nick Barlow, another left-liberal blogger, for the link. He was so impressed by the latter post that it made his quote of the day.

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