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Monday, January 17, 2005
The outlook from the ivory tower

"[S]ocial conservatives deserve to get sneered at ... They're the great suckers of American politics, whipped into a frenzy every two or four years and ordered to vote Republican in order to hold back the tide of libertinism, and then the Republicans don't lift a finger to do so... [S]ocial conservatives get screwed every time because their willingness to get screwed and then come crawling back begging for more next time there's an election on is well-established. It's pathetic and eminently sneer-worthy." - Matthew Yglesias, January 2005, making 'The Case for Sneering' at the gullibility of social conservatives

"I think this demonstrates that the 'but the religious right never does anything' theory of why respectable people can vote Republican is false." - Matthew Yglesias, June 2003, responding to the partial-birth abortion ban.

I think the only consistent theme of both posts is an enjoyment of sneering at those who find some reason to support the Republicans, whether or not they are respectable enough to support terminating babies while they are being born.

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