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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
Religion of Peace Studies

Harry's Place makes commendable efforts to expose Islamic extremism, but it does have a tendency to 'balance' these posts with rather pathetic, unpersuasive examples of Muslims taking a different view. An example of this was Sunday, as the blog rightly savaged the leading 'moderate' Islamic group for refusing to have anything to do with the holocaust commemoration, but also reported that Khalid Mahmood, the Muslim MP for Birmingham Perry Bar, had "salvage[d] some Muslim honour" by his vocal disagreement with this decision.

But as The England Project and DumbJon reveal, Mahmood's actual explanation for why Muslims should still commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz was because "People who were exterminated in the Holocaust were not just Jews".

UPDATE: Posting is light at the moment, I am afraid, until I get an internet connection down in Essex again. I should be posting at least once per weekday by February.

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