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Thursday, January 13, 2005
Values will help return us to power

Careful observers will already have noticed some signs that the Conservative Party is beginning to take on board the overwhelming message of George W. Bush's victory last year: that those who may not be inclined by income levels to support conservatives may still be very much prone to support conservative values correctly marketed. Obviously the particular values that motivate the British and the American people to vote will differ as their respective societies differ, but a general lesson is emerging that an appeal to the interests and also the values of the silent majority is the way to defeat left-liberal rainbow coalitions.

Some very encouraging evidence for this comes from a Populus poll that Anthony Wells reports on, in which the standard public wariness of the Conservative Party that we all know about is combined with a much stronger feeling that "The Conservatives share the values of ordinary people who make up the backbone of the country" and that "Hard-working people are a forgotten majority in Britain today who have been let down by Tony Blair and would be supported by Michael Howard".

Whatever some self-proclaimed 'modernisers' might say, conservative values are not an Achilles' heel, but the Tories' strongest card at a time when the difference between the parties in economic and fiscal terms is so small. By 2009, they may even turn out to be the Conservatives' trump card.

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