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Monday, February 21, 2005
A fly in the wine

The Guardian, never one to catch on fast to trends it dislikes, grudgingly acknowledges the disappearance (or perhaps the confirmed non-existence) of the female title 'Ms'. The reasons are given are sensible enough: that it hinders chances of finding a husband, that 'Miss' has echoes of youth, while 'Ms' has "lesbian undertones"*, and that people say "Miss" regardless (although I suspect that unless the speaker is happy to sound like a bluebottle - "Mizzzzzzz" - it's difficult to tell which was said, anyway). And even the conclusion, when one rather expects instead an angry rant against sell-outs, is refreshingly pragmatic and mature.

It's just something of a shame it had to be published the same day as this flat-earth nonsense.

* I am quoting the column, Scott and Robin! Whine to the Guardian, not me.

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