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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Obviously Friday's posts didn't work out, but I suspect the coming week will be very different.

Anyway, my request today is for advice. I have been invited to blog for the Daily Kos. No, don't laugh. The idea is an election diary with contributions from supporters of all three main parties, and I have been asked to give the perspective of a Tory supporter. I am minded to do it, and certainly I don't worry that the typical response to my pieces will undoubtedly be very negative. But at the same time, I am a bit wary of associating with a web site that even John Kerry publicly disassociated himself with over its comments over the murder of security contractors in Iraq.

So I am interested in what my readers and commenters think. Would they like to see me contributing to the diary, and take the opportunity of getting the British Right's ideas across on a very hostile forum? Or would they prefer I stay away, not even giving the site the implicit endorsement of posting there in opposition to almost all its views?

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