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Tuesday, March 08, 2005
Four links

"Is Mahmoud Abbas simply Arafat in a suit?" asks Melanie Phillips. She obviously fears the answer is 'Yes', and provides ample justification.

Over at the recently resurrected Edge of England's Sword, Iain Murray comments on a very pleasing Telegraph/YouGov poll on young people's politics. As he notes, its reported "combination of worries about social disintegration and high taxes" should be "natural Tory territory".

Meanwhile NRO's David Frum has an excellent analysis of two reports by the Washington Post, the first on an anti-abortion meeting and the second on a pro-gay marriage meeting. Frum highlights the bias throughout, and shows just how much the writers' sympathies creep in. Anyone who wants to understand better what sort of things show the BBC's coverage of political issues - if not necessarily parties - to lean so constantly in a particular direction, will learn quite a bit.

Finally, read Perry de Havilland's response over at Samizdata to a conservative critique of libertarianism, and the debate that follows in the comments, which at this early stage is shaping up to be very interesting.

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