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Sunday, March 13, 2005
Has dictatorship come to the US, and the UK?

Let's see what the Guardian forumers have to say:

zeuszeus00: Is it just that we know more, or is there something especially evil about the current US administration, and the current British administration?

How have we come to this (if we have!)?

Hellas: As for the "evil" is it not clear that we have been hijacked by merchants bankers and carpet baggers??

Just look at the list of power brokers operating in the world's forums and what they represent!!

The new serfdom is on the march and we have a new Tsar in washington

Come the revolution...............

galljdaj: Having been in the 'elite' circle(s) since the early 1970's, and privy to thousands of private discussions with others of the same ilk, I have come to believe, there are numerous elite groups, forming a spiderweb like network, but having a formitable number of spiders that prey not just on those creatures that caught in the common web, but on each other also.

They are deathly afraid of being made fun of by other spiders 'putting one over on them'! They will come together when ever there is common gain, like long lost lovers still in love! But if there is the slightest possibility of shame within the Elite Group they are part of, they'll take a huge loss that's hidden, rather than a small profit, that'll be laughed at!

What has changed is the control of the Republican Power, and that began with Reagan bringing in what we now understand the PNAC gang, that lil Bush is the Front Man for.

What makes them so dangerous is they learned from Reagan how to manipulate the Constitution and how to control new legislation for Dictating Our Government.

So I agree there is a Dictator of the USA, but the only head to the Dictator's many bodies is the $ sign. Many Elites are Dictators in America Today! We are infested! We are strangled By what used to be Our Laws, but now are Our Bindings!

Mastercuyp: A very clarifying picture, the one with the spiders. I share the same belief... Also the timeframe fit, it would probably only take from 5 - 20 years to establish these type of spider-webs.

As zeus-zeus points out in the header, the thought of "evil" comes to mind.

...And what would the solution be to make these spider-webs less powerful.....? Making the common man and woman politically aware.....? I doubt it, there is a too big middle-class supporting the current situation.

galljdaj: I have tried to explain the Nature of the US Dictatorship(s). It is many dictators operating a loose strangle hold on the Majority of the Peoples.

Loss of Job and or Funding for dissenters is the weapon used by the Dictators. Many of the US Laws have neen nullified to remove the individuals right to a Job, and now can be fired because the Bosses Wife is bored with your face. Funding can be simply cut off without reason. The recourse has been removed, and the Courts have been bought and are controled by Republican Power.

I believe statistics will prove the point, i.e., Federal Judges appointed by Democrats have a significantly higher percentage of Overturned Decisions!

5barris: In the Soviet Union, dissidents were imprisoned. In the USA, contracts are not renewed, and the dissidents and their families are left to dangle in poverty.

And all this just sixteen posts in! More penetrating insights into global power to come ...

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