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Monday, March 07, 2005
Why the single man and the family man differ

One needn't examine the party identification figures in opinion polls for long before realising that the notion that conservatism increases with age and experience is no chauvinistic right-wing slight. Part of the reason for this is less to do with the wisdom of the years than simply the fact that one's needs and desires change as one gets older, and this is liable to dictate one's politics.

In his interview with professional controversialist Luke Ford, Steve Sailer ably illustrates this concept as he describes how his preferences changed as he looked to start a family.

Personally, I like ethnic diversity a lot. I lived for many years in the Uptown neighborhood in Chicago, where something like 100 different languages are spoken. I enjoy observing different kinds of people, and because I'm rather shy, the fact that I couldn't converse with most of my neighbors due to the language barriers wasn't much of a problem to me. And I didn't worry too much about crime because I'm a big galoot and muggers don't mess with me much.

But, just because I like diversity doesn't mean everyone else necessarily should.

... For example, precisely what I liked about Uptown was what made it a lousy place to raise a family due to its lack of neighborliness, crime, and public schools completely overwhelmed by the challenge of educating children speaking 100 different languages.
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