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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
We started it!

Adrian Flook's victory in Taunton in June 2001 was one of the Tories' best results, so the credit he deserves is great. But this Andrew Pierce piece in today's Times goes too far:

Roundabout way to get noticed

Adrian Flook, the Tory defending Taunton - the Lib Dems' No 1 target seat - devised a cunning plan. His supporters, holding placards urging VOTE FLOOK, set up on a roundabout and along sliproads to catch motorists' attention.

Good for him, but it's a strategy that was in fact pioneered almost a year ago during the European Elections by Team Deva-Robinson, when our battlebus ground to a halt, and the help we called ...

... was slow to arrive.

Notice how much faster the cars on the other side of the road are whizzing past by comparison.

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