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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Evolution didn't stop above the human neck

It sometimes saddens me that while I have a good general knowledge of politics, I have nothing like the expertise in any particular smaller field to produce a post as glorious as this, which I have rather belatedly found.

Everyone has heard of the Creationist movement in America's secondary schools, working to have religious accounts of Creation taught alongside evolution in science lessons. But given far less attention by the non-scientific press is the form of Creationism actually dominant in American universities. This Social Creationism which denies that important aspects of human psychology and behaviour are the product of evolution, because that imposes politically incorrect barriers to left-wing causes, was seen most recently and spectacularly in the treatment of Larry Summers.

What a fantastic and educational read the Gene Expression post is both in the anti-evolution-when-it-come-to-humans mindset and the mountains of evidence science has to present in response. Taking one Social Creationist's denial that evolution has anything to say about the average level of happiness one can expect from open marriages compared to closed marriages, Godless Capitalist masterfully takes on just about all the criticisms one can muster against evolutionary psychology. Unmissable.

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