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Monday, December 29, 2003
Voice of the Future? I hope so

I am coming very much to hope that Voice of the Future is indeed just that. It's an impressive blog from a youngster, combining good Tory common sense with some of the worldliness I may myself lack. He certainly said all I should have made time to say about the unbelievably cringe-inducing "you cough up zip 'till you're blinging" government advertising campaign for top-up fees. He was also amusing in his comments on those 'AIDS awareness' concerts:

[A]m I the only one who thought it was quite obscene to have stars like Beyonce prancing about on stage wearing next to nothing. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for scantily clad ladies wiggling their arses about, but at a concert supporting a campaign for awareness of a disease that is spread, for the most part, by gratuitous sex it just seems wholly innapropriate.

Maybe they should have the winner of Pop Idol performing at an anti-obesity campaign, too. Of course, Mr Future simply fails to take account of the left's world-view, in which admitting that venereal disease is caused by sexual licentiousness is blasphemy. All the campaigns against STDs I have seen are openly about creating the impression that it's a great lottery, entirely a matter of chance, whether or not one ends up with such behavioural illnesses. There are in fact a few others, but they don't get kind attention for their honesty. I remember Howard Dean at one Democrat rally mocking President Bush vociferously for the faith-based programmes he funded in Africa, because they stressed something other than use of condoms. He even suggested that Bush needed sex education lessons for not seeing that condoms were the only means of fighting AIDS, as if anyone who thought there might also be a behavioural factor in its spread must believe in the Stork. The Observer recently engaged in astonishing double-think on the issue by blaming the stigma against carriers of sexually transmitted disease for the spread of those same illnesses! Just a few days ago, the head of the Church of Scotland used his Christmas message to endorse this theory, blaming rocketing rates of homosexual syphilis on those who made syphilitics feel ashamed. Following this logic, one wonders if liberals would expect chlamydia cases to plummet if we gave people a medal for catching the clap. You have to admire the blinkeredness of anyone who can convince himself that it's not promiscuity that spreads venereal disease, but frowning on the promiscuous. It's not smoking that causes lung cancer: it's disapproval of chain-smokers!

UPDATE: DumbJon notes how incoherent the government's unsympathetic attitude to heart disease is in light of the above.

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